In a healthy body, healthy mind

FitEat catering is a company that combines enthusiasts of gastronomy, dietetics and sport. The aim of our activity is to bring about effective changes in the way our customers eat, because we know how important the daily diet has for health. We make sure that the food we serve every day is fresh, tasty, varied and prepared from the highest quality food products.
We realize that today’s life on the run does not allow everyone to carefully prepare meals, which is why we go out to meet you and do it for you. We provide daily healthy, properly balanced meals that will provide you with energy and well-being every day.

We rely only on natural ingredients and products from reliable suppliers. Quality is important to us! We adhere to the principle that a healthy diet must be varied as much as possible, which is why we surprise our customers with the diversity of dishes every day. Thanks to the cooperation of qualified dietitians, experienced chefs and personal trainers, we manage to please even the most demanding customers. We work with passion to infect you with a healthy lifestyle!

Our catering is a guarantee of the highest quality and freshness of food products delivered to you every day. Remember that a healthy and properly balanced diet is a guarantee of prevention of civilization diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis or hypertension. With us, achieving health and a slim figure is simple and pleasant!

Where do we deliver? Scroll to the bottom to find all postcode that we cover!


Our diet consists of five meals (breakfast, second breakfast, dinner, brunch and supper). Thanks to this you have the possibility to plan the meals for the entire day and regulate your digestion processes without feeling hungry and risking eating to much food.

Yes, of course! All our diets are designed by a professional dietitian and prepared under their supervision. Therefore, you can be sure that our diet is balanced and nutritious. According to the Food and Nutrition Institute our diet consists of approximately 60% carbohydrates, 15-20% protein and 20-25% fat.

Such a low calorific value is simply unhealthy ! A “Starvation diet” can bring results required in the form of loosing weight quickly but this will be only a short-term effect which will result in “JOJO”. Eating healthy, balanced meals will bring long-term effects and your body will appreciate it and you will gain a beautiful complexion and feel good.

Eating meat, fish and animals products are the main criteria. In terms of calorific value the diet should be adjusted to your current weight, lifestyle and the results required – you can check it out in our calculator. We are ready to help by email or by phone. You can always increase or decrease the calorific value or type of the diet during the subscription period.

Yes, of course! Put this information in the comment with your order. You can also add the message you want to send to your close friend as a surprise.

Yes, of course. Our boxes and covers are designed to be heated in the microwave.

Yes, of course. You can chose any delivery dates and suspend your diet if there is such a need and reactivate it again any time. All we ask is that you inform us at latest 2 full working days before the planned change.

Depending on the bank holiday, the diet is delivered earlier or the delivery is suspended on this day. The subscription is automatically extended. Our Clients are informed about all non-standard deliveries in advance by email or in a form of a notice placed in the container.

Yes, of course! You are welcome to make orders by email or by phone!

Unfortunately not. At this stage we cannot provide an individual nutrition plan for each Client. However, we hope that everyone will find something to satisfy themselves with.

Of course not! We are a creative company and we vary our meals. The nutrition plan is prepared for 30 days. Each day is different so it is not boring.


We deliver our meals every day to all addresses that are on the map.


We provide catering to the following zones

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