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A low-carb diet is perfect for those who wish to restrict carbohydrates, such as those found in sugary foods, pasta and bread. To make up the lost calories it is full of protein, fat and healthy vegetables. Studies show that low-carb diet can help with weight loss and improve health. Low-carb diets lower insulin levels too, so it helps with type 2 diabetes. (If you have any health issues, please speak with your doctor first).

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If you purchase this product you will earn 550-5645 Points worth £10.95-£7.50!

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Low Carb130080g10g50g
Low Carb150095g25g60g
Low Carb2000115g25g80g
Low Carb2500160g30g90g

20.09.2021- 25.09.2021


Omelette with cottage cheese, avocado and smoked salmon
Chili con carne with beef
Spinach pancakes with cottage cheese and strawberries


Ricotta-based porridge
Panna cotta with strawberry mousse
Chicken in yoghurt sauce
Cod in a creamy chorizo sauce


Salad Nicoise
Keto raspberry cheesecake on a coconut bottom
Caponata with turkey
Potato salad with chicken


Scrambled eggs with chorizo
Salad with gorgonzola and pomegranate
Fried soy noodles with chicken and vegetables
Meatball soup


Shakshuka with spinach, peppers and tomatoes
Blueberry cocktail
Cod with green vegetables and rice
Pork neck with mustard and cucumber


Keto brownie
Mackerel paste in peppers
Chicken with roasted potatoes, light vegetable salad
Salad with grilled halloumi and strawberries

27.09.2021- 02.10.2021

Scrambled eggs with goat cheese and rosemary
Blueberry linen cocktail with red cabbage
Grilled chicken breast with carrot puree
Chilli con carne

Silesian sausage with mustard and horseradish
Quinoa with pear, yoghurt and nuts
Chicken with almond crust
cauliflower cream soup with turkey

Herb Omelette
Tomato cottage cheese with a colorful salad
Beef skewers with vegetables, sweet potato fries
Vegetable wrap with lettuce and ham

Buckweat with pomegranate and orange
Coconuts with chocolate coating
Chicken in sesame sauce
Chicken pate with sauerkraut

Bacon fried with kale
Camembert in tempura
Spelled salad with pollock in coating
Dip curry with vegetables in bars

Green omelets with onion and dip
Carrot cocktail with pineapple and turmeric
Turkey burgers with mozzarella cheese
Keto lemon cheesecake

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