NutLove 500g


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Flavor: Crispy Cookie
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ALLERGEN WARNING: Our meals are made in facilities that handle allergens and we cannot guarantee there will be no traces. We are unable to cater for Nut allergies. For more information on this please contact us at


ALLNUTRITION NUTLOVE Crispy Cookie is a delicious cream with the addition of crunchy cocoa cookies and almonds. NUTLOVE Crispy Cookie cream, like other ALLNUTRITION products, was produced with care for the ingredients and taste.

This is another version of the delicious ALLNUTRITION cream. You will surely like it. The very first bite will take you to those sweet moments that you remember so well from the advertisement.

Unlike other creams of this type, it is characterized by a high content of crushed cocoa cookies and almonds, giving a super crunchy effect. Additionally, NUTLOVE Crispy Cookie does not contain any chemical additives, artificial flavors, stabilizers or preservatives. It also does not contain palm oil.

NUTLOVE Crispy Cookie is a completely healthy cream with a creamy taste and a non-uniform consistency. It is perfect for warm toast, classic kajzer, croissant, pancake, pancakes, waffles, cookies, biscuits, crackers, with fruit or ice cream. It is easily combined with other ingredients when preparing desserts or other dishes. It is suitable as an addition to virtually every breakfast and can be successfully eaten with a spoon straight from the box.

ALLNUTRITION NUTLOVE Crispy Cookie is a great substitute for supermarkets chocolate creams. Instead of sugar, it contains maltitol. This, in turn, is 50% less calories than regular sugar, is safe for teeth, does not cause caries, and prevents obesity, and these are just some of its health-promoting properties.

Yes, it’s finally here! NUTLOVE CRISPY HAZLENUT is a delicious, sugar free milky white chocolate spread packed with roasted hazelnuts. The taste of new NUTLOVE CRISPY HAZELNUT is addictive. Once you opened it you will become a fan of it!

Taste, like Kinder Bueno! Yes, that’s right. NUTLOVE CRIPSY HAZELNUT has a creamy texture, easy to spread on your favourite food. Perfect as an addiction to pancakes, omelette, rice cakes and more … ideal for baking or cooking with no added sugar.

– delicious taste
– creamy, easy to spread texture
– no added sugar or palm oil



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