The "office" diet - what to eat in a sedentary lifestyle?

It's no secret that sitting all day is bad for your health. In fact, it's been linked to a number of health problems, including obesity and heart disease. But what many people don't know is that what you eat can also have a major impact on your health - even if you're inactive. In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the best foods to eat in a sedentary lifestyle, as well as some tips for making healthy eating easier.

Choice of products

It is essential to maintain the proper functioning of the brain when working in the office. The daily diet should be based on foods rich in vitamins, good fats and free from harmful additives, so often appearing in ready-made foods and quick snacks. Highly processed food, full of flavor enhancers, artificial flavors, large amounts of salt or dyes are not the best ingredients for that lifestyle. 

Much better option is to put on fresh, valuable products, and of course the diet must not lack, above all, vegetables and fruits! Fish, nuts and vegetable oils full of omega-3 fatty acids, whole grain cereal products, dairy, lean meat are also worth including in your nutrition!

For example, if you prepare your own meals for work, a fruit smoothie or a wholemeal sandwich is a great choice. It is also worth taking fruit with you, which you can eat at your leisure instead of a quick, processed snack. All kinds of porridge are a good idea!

What are the most important things in an office diet?

People working in a sitting position should take care not only of the appropriate composition of meals, but also of their regular consumption. It is best to eat about five dishes a day, at intervals of about 3-4 hours. In this way, you can increase your metabolism, eliminate the feeling of hunger and maintain the proper functioning of the entire body, including the brain.

The most important meal of the day is breakfast, which should be eaten at home. It will provide energy for the whole day. In the case of an office diet for breakfast, it is worth eating wholesome carbohydrates that will help you start your working day fruitfully. Keeping in mind that in the morning we have the fastest metabolism in the morning, we can decide on something sweet, for example dried fruit.

At work, for lunch, you can eat a small snack such as fruit or natural yogurt. In this way, you can help the body maintain the correct level of glucose in the blood, which will protect you from hunger attacks.

Eat a large meal at lunchtime. Lunchboxes prepared at home, with healthy, tasty salads to work with or wholemeal pasta with vegetables, will work great in this role. When preparing a meal for work at home, you have control over what you eat - it is not only about the calorific value of the products, but also about their freshness and quality.

After returning home, have dinner - baked fish, steamed vegetables or cream soup made of your favorite vegetables will work great here.

The last meal of the day is a small dinner that will prevent us from snacking at night. In the evening, however, it is worth avoiding sugars and dairy products, which can be difficult to digest.

What to watch out for?

Free yourself from the dictation of the clock. Do not show up punctually at the canteen at 1 pm as they start serving dinners. Go for a meal only when your stomach is clearly hungry. Remember that pleasant company and conversation while eating promotes the consumption of more calories. Then one forgets to control the contents of the plate and eats too much and too much fat. Avoid starvation all day, which forces you to feast in the evening. The body stores the excess calories on the hips as a reserve for the next day.

Drink the right amount of water

During physical work, it is needed in greater doses than in the case of mental work, but in every situation it should be ensured that it is properly supplied. In this way, the proper functioning of the brain can be ensured. Water also speeds up metabolism and suppresses the feeling of hunger. This is good news for people who want to lose weight. A slimming diet for office workers should also have the appropriate calorific value, matched to the individual daily energy demand. Replace carbonated drinks and second, or 3rd coffee with plain water, with lemon or mint!

Catering: When there is no time to make right choices

Typically, a sedentary lifestyle involves white-collar workers who often spend long hours in front of a computer. Such people usually do not have time to prepare all meals on their own. Then diet catering turns out to be the bull's eye. In this way, you can provide your body with all the necessary nutrients, and at the same time completely eliminate the need for cooking or shopping for food.

- Box diet is available both in whole packages and in the form of individual meals. The latter option is a great solution for people who do not have time, for example, to prepare food for work or lunch after returning, but like to make dinner on their own. 

Dietary catering can take the classic form, as well as excluding certain ingredients - for example, meat and other animal products. Meals are also available in various calories, which is why they meet the tastes of people who want to maintain a constant energy supply every day.

A well-composed office diet will bring surprising results. By making sure that your metabolism works at high speed throughout the entire diet and does not slow down for a moment, you will get the dream effect of losing weight quickly. By taking care of a varied diet, you will develop healthy eating habits that will pay off in the future, without the yo-yo effect after weight loss.